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7 Ways to Support Greta Van Fleet

Spread the good news! Here are seven ways you can support Greta Van Fleet. 

There's a lot of nasty press out there slamming the band. Most of it seems based on jealously, elitism, or it's a cheap way to attract readers and viewers (controversy sells). 

We're not suggesting you argue with the haters as that's usually a waste of time.

Instead, make sure that other music fans know about the band and why you love them. Enthusiasm is contagious.

7 Ways You Can Support Greta Van Fleet

Table of Contents

#1) Tell a Friend!

#2) Buy Greta Van Fleet Records!

#3) Buy some Greta Van Fleet Merch!

#4) See Greta Van Fleet Live!

#5) Share Your Enthusiasm for the Band on Social Media

#6) Help Improve Wikipedia Articles about Greta Van Fleet

#7) Contribute Your Photos to Wikimedia Commons

Tell a Friend!

In the final analysis there is nothing more effective than word-of-mouth communication.

It is the oldest and most durable method of sharing valuable information. 

So tell a family member or friend about the band and why you like them so much.

Your friend will thank you. ;o)

Image: Ein Süßes Geheimnis (The Sweet Secret) by Adolf Hering, 1892 (in the public domain). 

Buy Greta Van Fleet Records!

Buy the band's LP and two EPs:

  • Although you can listen to the band's songs via streaming services like Spotify or Amazon Music, and you can watch GVF videos for free on YouTube, if you buy their records it boosts the band's ranking on Music Charts USA and music charts around the world!

  • LP: Anthem of a Peaceful Army
  • EP: From the Fires
  • EP: Black Smoke Rising

  • You can purchase Greta Van Fleet records from within your preferred streaming service, e.g., Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, etc.

  • But why should I buy it if I can already listen to their music for free?

    You don't have to buy it, of course. This is about supporting the band, and buying their releases is just one way to show your support.

    If you can't afford to spend the money, no worries! Consider some of the other ways to support the band. 

Buy some Greta Van Fleet Merch!

Buy some merch for a friend! (Or for yourself ... ;o).

The band keeps coming out with more cool stuff made for guys and gals, e.g., t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, muscle tees, sweatshirts, tank tops, and the Wizard Bandanna.

See Greta Van Fleet Live!

Jake KiszkaJake Kiszka, lead guitar, Greta Van Fleet

Of course the best reason to see the band live is that it's an incredible experience--they put on a killer live show. Check the band's Tour page and buy your tickets early!

Recent concerts in some locales have sold out in 15 minutes!

If a show is sold out, you might find a ticket for a reasonable price with a ticket reseller. has a list of ticket resale companies with hundreds of reviews for each company and overall ratings based on those reviews.

Share Your Enthusiasm for the Band on Social Media

First, follow the band on their social media outlets:

Facebook: /gretavanfleet

Twitter: @GretaVanFleet

Instagram: /gretavanfleet

When you post on those sites, link to the band's page as appropriate. Use hashtags on Twitter if they are relevant, or start a hashtag about the band.

Also consider posts to:

Reddit - The Greta Van Fleet subreddit!

In your posts consider the following:

  • Include something educational or thought-provoking in your post. Make your post interesting, helpful, valuable, useful, and relevant.

  • If you saw the band in concert and shot a "behind the scenes" photo, e.g., the band arriving at the venue, or if you were lucky enough to get a photo with one of the band members, definitely post that! It shows that the band is accessible to fans, which boosts interest.

  • In a social media post, talk about how the band has inspired, motivated, or encouraged you.

  • Encourage others to support the band by attending concerts, buying records (mp3, CD, or vinyl), and purchasing products form the band's Official Store.

Help Improve Wikipedia Articles about Greta Van Fleet

Do you like to write? Are you a reasonably good writer?

If you answer "Yes" to those two questions, then this one is for you!

Wikipedia's article about Greta Van Fleet is pretty good, although it is currently rated "C-class", which means it still needs improvement.

Most people searching for information about Greta Van Fleet end up on either the band's website or the Wikipedia article

Do you want them to find a mediocre, incomplete article? Or do want them to read an "A-class" superb article?

Your Contributions Will Help Tremendously!

You can make a difference! Draw on your expertise about the band and your writing skills to improve Wikipedia articles about the band and its members.

See the links to helpful Wikipedia articles for new editors below. (Although you will be writing parts of an article, the convention is to refer to all contributions--from creating a brand new article, to fine-tuning an established piece--as editing.)

==> Please make sure you understand Wikipedia policies and procedures before you edit an article!

Many people make well-intentioned additions to articles, but they make mistakes such as not including a citation to a reliable source, and their edit is consequently deleted, usually within hours. 

That last sentence (above) provides a good example of the type of knowledge you need to possess before you start editing a Wikipedia article:

citation - you need to know when and how to cite a reliable source;

reliable source - you need to know what counts as a reliable source--many new editors assume they know, or think a particular website or other source should be considered reliable, and then they are angry when their contribution is reverted.

Don't set yourself up for rejection. Learn the basics first, then start contributing.

Wikipedia Resources & Training for New Editors

Getting Started

A tutorial 

Five pillars 

Edit a page 

Upload and use images 

Intuitive guide to Wikipedia

Getting Help

Frequently asked questions

The Teahouse is a friendly space for new editors.

Where to ask questions or make comments

Help desk

Help directory

Wikipedia Polices & Guidelines

Neutral point of view 

No original research


Reliable sources

Citing sources

What Wikipedia is not

Biographies of living persons

Contribute Your Photos to Wikimedia Commons

Bing Images drop-down menuBing Images drop-down menu to search by license type

If you want to post a photograph of Greta Van Fleet on a website, blog, tweet, Facebook post, Instagram, or Pinterest, you have to make sure that you don't violate a photographer's copyright.

How do you find photos which are in the public domain or where the photographer has given others permission to use the photo?

One of the best ways is to search Wikimedia Commons, which is the image depository for Wikipedia.

If you have taken photographs of the band, please consider posting them on Wikimedia Commons for others to use. Your generosity will help spread the word about Greta Van Fleet!

Keep in mind that these must be your photographs, i.e., you took them and you own them.

Uploading Photos to Wikimedia Commons

Here are some links to information about uploading photographs, including the type of Creative Commons licensing required to post photographs on Wikimedia Commons.

Create an Account

In order to be able to upload files on Wikimedia Commons, you need to be logged in, and to log in you need to first create an account. Then consult these articles:


Uploading photos

Copyright FAQ (Wikipedia)

Fan art

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