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Best Articles about Greta Van Fleet

This page features a curated list of the best articles about Greta Van Fleet, e.g., commentary, opinions, editorials, essays, etc.

Here are links to each of the articles:

* Vulture magazine Interview with Sam Kiszka

* Greta Van Fleet's Intergenerational Appeal

* College Media Network's Excellent Concert Review

* Best Description of Greta Van Fleet

* Best Article about Greta Van Fleet

* Grateful Web Review - Greta Van Fleet at Rockville Festival

* Excellent article about Greta Van Fleet in the Wall Street Journal

Vulture Magazine Interview with Sam Kiszka Logo

Citation for the article:

Steven J. Horowitz, "Greta Van Fleet on Nostalgia, Criticism, Playing SNL, and All Those Grammys They’re Nominated For", Vulture (17 Jan 2019).

Note: Charlie Steffens is a superb photographer, based in Los Angeles. Check out his portfolio, including digital, print, and other photographs for sale.

The picture of Sam (above) is part of a set—Mr. Steffens photographed Greta Van Fleet at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on 19 Oct 2017.

Back to the Vulture article and the interview with Sam Kiszka ...

Why one of the Best Articles about Greta Van Fleet?

This article by Steven Horowitz:

Greta Van Fleet on Nostalgia, Criticism, Playing SNL, and All Those Grammys They’re Nominated For

is one of the best articles about Greta Van Fleet because:

* Steven Horowitz is a professional—a journalist who ...

+ writes exceptionally well;

+ asks insightful questions; and

+ presents information in an objective, balanced manner.

And then there's Sam Kiszka ...

This Vulture article centers around an interview with Sam Kiszka, which is another reason this is one of the best articles about Greta Van Fleet, because:

* Sam Kiszka has always struck me as the most articulate, thoughtful member of Greta Van Fleet.

- Nothing against the other guys of course. Everyone has their specific strengths.

+ But Sam expresses himself in a coherent, lucid manner, exhibiting a keen intellect, which makes this a fascinating interview!

Vulture Interview with Sam Kiszka: A Quote

Vulture: "What do you think it is about your sound and aesthetic that makes you rise above the rest?"

Sam Kiszka: "I think it’s so to-the-roots organic that it’s unmistakable to hear the music and not be convinced of something. Because when we’re playing, when we’re recording, we put out our very heart and soul into the sound. ...

It really is a building process. You can’t just snap your fingers and have it all. You have to build it and love it and give it love and let the people give it love and get people’s attention, and that takes time."

Click here to read the full article on

What is Vulture Online Magazine?

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Greta Van Fleet's Intergenerational appeal

Washington Life Magazine logo

Washington Life Magazine recently published (20 July 2018) one of the absolutely best articles about Greta Van Fleet, written by Steve Houk for the magazine's Music Notes series and titled, "Greta Van Fleet’s Divine Intervention."

Here is the citation for the article:

Steve Houk, Music Notes: Greta Van Fleet’s Divine InterventionWashington Life Magazine (July 20, 2018).

The article's subtitle offers an astute description of Greta Van Fleet: "An astonishing rock band of young Michiganders crosses generations by combining an homage to classic hard rock with their own unique atmosphere." 

I enjoyed several aspects of this article, including the author’s story of how he learned about Greta Van Fleet, and how his teen/young adult children shared his excitement for the band's music, as it exemplifies Greta's intergenerational appeal.

The article also features an insightful interview with Jake Kiszka, including the fact that the Kiszka brothers' father would let Jake get an electric guitar until he could play several blues and rock songs proficiently on his acoustic guitar. “It took me until I was fifteen, but I did it”, Jake remarked. 

Regarding the potentially destructive temptations which become readily available to rising young rock stars, Jake noted, “... we’ve been able to stay grounded because we are all tight knit I suppose, and it’s very much family that grounds us.”

I encourage you to read this superb article (it's a two-minute read) as these are just a couple of highlights. 

College Media Network's Excellent Concert Review

College Media Network (CMN) is a relatively new (January 2018) online magazine produced by current college students, recent graduates, and experienced journalists.

"CMN seeks to create a platform that gives the media leaders of tomorrow an opportunity to experiment with all aspects of digital media, gaining real-world experience to enhance their classroom learning ...."

Nicole Kitchens, a journalism major at the University of South Carolina, attended Greta Van Fleet's recent London concert at the historic Electric Ballroom and penned an excellent review, Greta Van Fleet Is a New Nostalgia for Everyone.

I encourage you to read the entire article, but I particularly liked:

* The artful manner in which Nicole draws the reader in to the article;

* The fact that her father accompanied her to the concert--read to the end to see why this is cool, in addition to the family togetherness;

* How she addresses the innumerable, naïve "they're just copying Led Zeppelin" accusations, rampant on the interwebs these days;

* "[Greta Van Fleet has] the opportunity and the potential to completely influence the course of the modern rock genre to a similar form of the gritty, blues-based music of the 60’s and 70’s. Which is exactly what we need right now, in a time where the Billboard 100 is topped by talentless pop singers."


Best Description of Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet playing live in Los Angeles, 2017The Viper Room, Los Angeles, 25 July 2017. Photo © Matt Quina (Special Cat Photography)

I stumbled across this description of Greta Van Fleet on Google Play Music:

Greta Van Fleet – which took its name from one of the close-knit community’s town elders of Frankenmuth, Michigan – is a hard rocking quartet whose creative ambitions and achievements reach far beyond the ages of the four band members.

On its debut EP Black Smoke Rising, the group deftly straddles the line between timeless and future, sounding at once like many things you've heard before and also something you've never heard before.

The three brothers – twins Josh (vocals) and Jake (guitar) Kiszka, younger brother Sam Kiszka (bass, keyboards) and drummer Danny Wagner – have turned their rich and varied musical background into an arresting mélange of rock ‘n’ roll with flavors of metal, pop, blues and grunge, the result of years of practice, study and familial good times.

Their EP runs a gamut from the dusty grind of “Highway Tune” to the sinewy punch of “Safari Song” and the muscular crunch of “Black Smoke Rising.” “Flower Power,” meanwhile, is a trippy sonic tapestry that weaves psychedelic and folk textures into the mix. (emphasis added)


One of the Absolutely Best Articles about Greta Van Fleet!

"Review And Photos Of Greta Van Fleet At The Fillmore Detroit" by Justin Trudell,, 24 May 2018

I have read a lot of articles about the band published over the last 18 months or so, and this Review of Greta Van Fleet's show at The Fillmore in Detroit is one of the best articles about Greta Van Fleet I have read. Here's why:

(*) It's well-written in terms of the "boring" yet vital aspects of effective prose: grammar, spelling, syntax, organization, flow, and imagery.

(*) The article is engaging. It's written in a style that connects with rock music fans, particularly younger folks, although I'm in my late 50s and I thoroughly enjoyed Trudell's conversational tone. I really like this part:

Naturally, because it’s 2018 and everyone has to be a cynical asshole, I started to think of the nitpicking details I could dwell on to keep myself from completely enjoying these local rock heroes reviving a musical genre with genuine soul and passion. But you know what…

Fuck that.

Greta Van Fleet are amazing. We could be contemptuous and talk about why they aren't as good as Band X, or what insignificant details bothered me. Not only would I struggle to find anything to complain about, but that’s the typical angry negativity dominating rock music (and the world) these days. And Greta Van Fleet aren't about that.

I've read (or listened to) so many cynical, nitpicking, contemptuous articles about Greta Van Fleet that I start to feel slightly nauseous when I come across yet another one-sided, mean-spirited "review" or "analysis" authored by wanna-be journalists who almost always assault the reader with a sophomoric regurgitation of the "they're ripping off Led Zeppelin" meme.

(*) The article explains Greta Van Fleet's appeal with perspicacity and flair. Some examples:

Greta Van Fleet have always been amazing to listen to through my headphones but experiencing them live for the first time was different. They’re so loud, so raw, so emotional. Their music comes off as more spiritual than most other bands.

. . .

I couldn't help but marvel at how powerful the performance from everyone was throughout the night. Most impressive was lead guitarist, Jake Kiszka. His incredible energy, his guitar solos that we didn't want to end, his showmanship, his precision, his look, his joy, everything, it was just so perfect.

. . .

Bassist and youngest brother, Sam Kiszka, pulled off the impossible by making it actually seem exciting to play bass. Nearly matching the same vibrant enthusiasm of his older brothers and giving bassists everywhere hope that they don’t have to be lame AF on stage.

. . .

Rock ain't dead, and it never will be. Because rock ‘n roll is more than just music: it’s an emotion, it’s a spirit. And the spirit is alive and well in Greta Van Fleet.

==> Read the full article on! <==


Grateful Web Article about Greta Van Fleet at Rockville Festival

Grateful Web is, as you might expect, a site focused on the legendary Grateful Dead, related bands, and rock music in general.

It's a beautifully designed website full of high-quality photos, video, and well-written articles, including concert reviews. 

On 6 May 2018, L. Paul Mann reviewed Day 3 of the Rockville festival in Jacksonville, FL.

In one of the best articles about Greta Van Fleet, Mann describes the band with more insight than the vast majority of rock journalists:

[Red Fang was] followed by a young Michigan band garnering a lot of interest by the music media lately. Greta Van Fleet from Frankenmuth, first formed in 2012 and has quickly made a name for themselves based mainly on their live performances.

Vocalist Josh Kiszka has been compared in style to legendary Led Zeppelin lead vocalist, Robert Plant. Even Plant himself has expressed admiration for the band.

[Josh's] brothers, Jake and Sam, play guitar and bass, respectively.

The group also features drummer Danny Wagner, who is a multi-instrumentalist wizard.

The band is working on their first album, but so far is working off a single EP, Black Smoke Rising. The band's heavy rock sound is influenced by the work of Led Zeppelin and many other rock and blues acts.

This fact did not go unnoticed by the large crowd that formed to hear them play. Whispers of Led Zeppelin could be heard through the mazed crowd.

But many of the songs sound a bit more like classic rock blues of Janis Joplin with Big Brother and The Holding Company.

The group claims to have gotten their sound by listening to their parent's classic blues rock and old American black blues and soul albums. However they developed, the group may be one of the best blues-rock acts to come along in decades.

In the millennial world ruled by hip-hop and EDM [electronic dance music], this young group may be one of the saviors of the entire Blues rock genre.

Note: Paragraph breaks and emphasis added, and some punctuation corrections made for ease of reading.

Excellent Article about Greta Van Fleet - Wall Street Journal

Although the Wall Street Journal is best known as a newspaper for business, finance, and government news and analysis, the publication also features some excellent articles on culture, fine arts, society, and music.

In fact, the Journal was the first major publication to write an article about Greta Van Fleet in a 25 Oct 2017 piece by Neil Shah, Classic Rock Is Now A Young Band’s Game, with the subtitle, Greta Van Fleet draws sold-out shows and hit songs with a new spin on old-school rock.

From the article:

“We grew up listening to blues and soul,” not classic rock, says Josh Kiszka. The Kiszka brothers’ father is a blues musician with an extensive record collection, their grandfather, an accordion-player on the polka scene. Jake Kiszka first got into classic acts like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton and the band followed.


With their retro sound, youthful energy and good looks, Greta Van Fleet could appeal to three key demographics, [Lava Records executive Jason Flom] says: Older “classic-rock Dads” who tune into rock radio shows and attend classic-rock concerts; younger male fans curious about 1960s and 1970s rock, soul and funk; and young women who, in the past, have helped mainstream rock bands become pop stars.

This quality article about Greta Van Fleet features excellent photographs of the band by photographer Matt Roth.

The Wall Street Journal is a subscription-only publication so the article is "behind a paywall" as they say.

However, The Wall Street Journal is one online newspaper worth the money, as evidenced by the fact that they recognized Greta Van Fleet's talent before other major newspapers.

Wall Street Journal logo

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