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Basic Facts

You Will Need to Learn ... is not ...

Enduring, High Quality Info

How You Can Contribute ...

Benefits of Being an Associate Editor

Traffic Statistics (How many people visit

Overview of SBI Website Creation Software

The Solo Build It (SBI) CTPM Model

If you want to "apply", click this link to go directly to the form: I Want to be an Associate Editor!

Basic Facts

* Unfortunately, this is not a paid position. Since I don't make any money from the site, there's no revenue to pay others. 

* You must be 16 or older.

* The main requirement is that you love Greta Van Fleet's music and you want to help promote and support the band and its many fans around the world. 

* You do not need to be a website designer or know how to build a website.

* You do not need to know HTML, CSS, PHP, or any markup language or programming code.

==> If you have questions, feel free to ask in the Comments section near the bottom of this page, or send an email via the Contact page.

You Will Need to Learn ...

* How to use the website building tools provided by SiteSell, Inc

* was built entirely using the SBI! (Solo Build It!) platform provided by SiteSell, Inc.

* See Overview of SBI Website Development Program (below) for more information. Is Not ...

 ... a breaking news fansite, a chat site, or a rumor site.

* There are already a lot of sources for quick info, breaking news, and instant discussion about Greta Van Fleet, e.g., Facebook groups (Greta Van Fleet Army), a Greta Van Fleet Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

We want to support and interact with those fan bases but not try to compete with or copy them.

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Enduring, High Quality Info

* The website's theme is "the best of everything Greta Van Fleet".

* Thus, the site's goal is to create and curate the best content available to help fans learn more about, and keep up to date with, Greta Van Fleet.

* The emphasis is on enduring, high quality information about the band.

If someone really wants to get to know what Greta Van Fleet is all about, and access reliable, in-depth information about the band, we want to be a primary resource.

If you want to "apply", click this link to go directly to the form: I Want to be an Associate Editor!

How You Can Contribute ...

* There are many different ways you can contribute. For each of these topic areas, the idea is to not only post the video, or article, or photo, but also to explain why it is "the best".

Here are some of the ways you can contribute:

** Posting—and writing about—the Best Greta Van Fleet Videos

** Educating fans about the Best Ways to Support Greta Van Fleet.

** Find and post the Best Greta Van Fleet Interviews (video, print, or audio).

** Curate the Best Greta Van Fleet News and the Best Articles about Greta Van Fleet.

** Generate new ideas to make the site even better!

==> Those are just a few ways you can contribute if you wish to become an Associate Editor. 

Benefits of Being an Associate Editor

  • Help support Greta Van Fleet! 

  • Dispel the rumors; correct misinformation; post objective, balanced information.

  • Learn a lot about how to build a website.

  • Learn how to write for the web.

  • Improve your overall writing skills.

  • Teach others.

  • Use your design skills to improve the website's look and feel.

  • Work withand get to knowother Greta Van Fleet fans.

If you want to "apply", click this link to go directly to the form: I Want to be an Associate Editor!

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Traffic Statistics Traffic Statistics Traffic Statistics Graph traffic Traffic Statistics

Overview of SBI Website Creation Software

Solo Build It! (SBI!)  - Broad over view of the Solo Build It! website development program. 

SBI! Action Guide - The educational module which you can read or learn by watching videos (or both). In particular scroll down to "DAY 6: Build a Site That Gets the Click!" as most of what you'll be doing, the Action Guide covers in "DAY 6" to "DAY 10". 

If you want to "apply", click this link to go directly to the form: I Want to be an Associate Editor!

The Solo Build It (SBI) CTPM Model

C = CONTENT - Create in-demand Content - Internet users search for information, for solutions. Social media users (largely on mobile devices) often want images or videos. All are forms of "Content." They're not looking for you — they don't even know you (yet!). They seek what you know. Give it to them.

T = TRAFFIC - Attract Targeted Traffic - Convert your knowledge into in-demand Content. To succeed online, start where they start — at a search engine (mostly Google) or on social media (Facebook is the giant). Attract people interested in Greta Van Fleet via search engines and social media.

P = PRE-SELL and M = MONETIZE, which are less important to us since we aren't trying to make money, although some of the concepts can be helpful for a fan site.

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SBI Website Development Tools

SBI! Tools

Blueprint It! - an intuitive, simple-to-use drag and drop module that allows you to plan and visualize your website's navigation structure. Integrated directly within Brainstorm It!, it allows you to arrange your keywords, (which will become the pages of your site), into tiers. Blueprint It! replaces time-consuming third-party spreadsheets and mind maps, or writing lists or diagrams on paper. 

Keyword research - The Ultimate Verticalizer (UV) is the most comprehensive index of real, human-generated keywords that exists. It literally brings back 10-20 times more keywords than every other third-party keyword tool (including Wordtracker's and Google's) combined.

Block Builder - If you know how to drag and drop, you can build an effective site, full of content that people want and that engines rank highly. No need for HTML, Perl, FTP, or Javascript.

Content 2.0 - enables every visitor to the site to create web pages (with text and images) on the site, expanding its content base and attracting more natural search engine traffic. Each new page is automatically linked within the site for optimal search engine results. Learn more about Content 2.0 here.

Site Health - scans your website regularly for problems like broken links, resources lacking proper security, etc. Site Health then creates a report and alerts you to take action - automatically. A clean site is not only important for your visitors, it's an important factor for how well your site ranks in the search engines.

Analyze It! - SBI!'s unique process analyzes each web page just before you build it. It tells you, in simple language, how to optimize your wording to obtain high search engine rankings. This expert advice is merely the first step in the generation of high amounts of free traffic.

Automatic Search Engine Tracking - SBI! tracks and reports on when search engine spiders visit each of your pages, and when each page is listed. If it's taking too long, or if a page is dropped, it even tells you and offers suggestions on what to do about it.

Search Engine Ranking Reports - SBI! reports on how each page ranks for your keywords at each engine. Certain pages not ranking well? SBI! tells you, in simple language, exactly what to do to rank higher.

Traffic Stats - presented in an easy-to-understand, useful, and actionable format. And all SBI! sites are compatible with Google's free Google Analytics. 

Click Analysis - Critical info is available about visitors who click into and out of your site, offering vital insight into user behavior and how to increase visitor monetization.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant - All forms in Solo Build It!, including newsletter signup forms, feature GDPR compliant checkboxes.

Facebook's Open Graph Tags have become important as more services use them (Facebook, Google, ShareThis, etc.). SBI! adds Open Graph tags to every page of your site, automatically. 

Guidance & Support - Even perfect preparation, excellent process and all the tools can fail if you don't have a helping hand when you need one. SBI! offers much more than support, and it does so with genuine care for your success...

Private Forums - The single best small business, help-and-be-helped resource in the world. SBI!'s community of users share their special ideas, discoveries and strategies. Some ideas increase productivity, others add extra income streams. Over 70 forums cover every conceivable business-building subject. This extraordinary community of motivated "work smarter and harder" small-business people is "The Place For Friendly, Success-Focused Discussion."

Google PageSpeed Optimizations Built In - When Google announced in early 2015 that mobile-friendliness (how easily your site can be used on a smartphone) would be an important ranking factor in mobile search results, we built many of Google's PageSpeed optimizations into every SBI! site. There's nothing for you to do after picking a responsive template or using Mobilize It! on any other of the dozens of designs available in Site Designer's Gallery. The bottom line? Your pages will load fast, which means you'll have happier visitors (mobile and desktop) and lots of Google love!

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