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Best Greta Van Fleet Videos

Austin City Limits Music Festival

3 October 2018 - Red Bull TV

The band is in high form for this rockin performance on a sunny Friday afternoon, 3 Oct 2018 at the massive Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival.

Why is this one of the best Greta Van Fleet videos? Let us count the ways...

High quality sound and superb videography. Nothing against all the live Greta Van Fleet performances caught on smart phones, they're great. But it's especially enjoyable to enjoy an entire concert recorded by pros. 

Josh's ebullient mood. I mean, the guy seems like he's almost always happy and he's especially so for this show. He's fun to watch and the upbeat mood is contagious.

Sam wears sandalsI know, can you believe it?! The bare foot boy must have needed them because of the heat or for safety reasons, who knows? But mark it on your "The Days Sammy Wasn't Barefoot" calendar as it's a highly unusual event. 

* At 14:10 while playing guitar behind his head, Jake gets his hair stuckand keeps on playing while a crew member helps him. Sam & Danny grin, and Josh jokes with his twin brother.

The awesome audience! The ACL Music Festival features scores of bands playing on different stages across four days (two consecutive weekends). To see so many wildly enthusiastic fans turn up for Greta's show is really cool.

Recommendation: Check out LADYGUNN Magazine, a print + online publication with headquarters in New York, Los Angeles, and Stockholm. Superb photographs! (Like the one of Danny Wagner, above.)

They're an independent publication with emphasis on music, people and fashion. "We believe in those that shape and push the rules ...."

The print magazine is available on metropolitan newsstands, and as a featured title in Barnes & Nobles locations throughout the United States.

Greta Van Fleet Live! | ACL Music Festival | 3 Oct 2018

KCRW - Professionally Recorded - Superb Sound!

Los Angeles radio station KCRW invited Greta Van Fleet to perform a live on-air set prior to the band's sold out show at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre on 24 Jun 2018.

The live radio performance aired on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic show on 22 Jun 2018.

Fortunately for Greta fans everywhere, KCRW also professionally recorded the band's performance, producing a set of the best Greta Van Fleet videos, featuring unparalleled video and audio quality

On the KCRW website, you can listen to an audio-only version of the performance or watch the videos. 

The professional production values by audio engineer Mario Diaz and the entire KCRW recording crew make these some of the absolute best Greta Van Fleet videos yet!

Also on YouTube

In addition, the station posted videos of three songs on YouTube:

Greta Van Fleet performing "Edge of Darkness" live on KCRW - Not as long as most live versions of Edge of Darkness, but a potent, tight performance.

Greta Van Fleet performing "Safari Song" live on KCRW - Nice bass lead-in to the song that I hadn't heard before. 

Greta Van Fleet performing "Flower Power" live on KCRW - The highlight of the show!

Sam Kiszka plays the piano with grace and passion;

Jake Kiszka strums his acoustic guitar in accompaniment;

Danny Wagner's drumming delicately supports and enhances Sam's piano (and to play the drums 'delicately' takes talent!); and

Josh Kiszka is great as usual--the "beautiful little singer" we all know and love. ;-)

One Video with the Entire Performance

The full KCRW performance has also been posted on YouTube:

Here is the setlist for the full (entire) performance video (HT: Andrew Oakeshott).

KCRW Setlist

00:00 Highway Tune

04:06 Flower Power (beautiful rendition)

11:55 Edge Of Darkness

18:41 Safari Song

23:22 Q & A with KCRW host Jason Bentley

31:00 Talk On The Street

36:25 Black Smoke Rising

42:48 Evil (Howlin' Wolf cover)

CREDITS for the KCRW live set

Recording EngineerMario Diaz

Sound Intern: Kenny Field

Web Video ProducersPat Jewett, Michael Verdin, Patricia Varas, Andrew Weilert

HostJason Bentley

ProducerRachel Reynolds

Detroit - The Fillmore - 25 May 2018

One of the Best Greta Van Fleet Videos

Playing Before a Home Crowd

Sam Kiszka plays both the bass guitar and the organ with style, skill, and passion. He embodies flower power when he plays the song of the same name.

I mean, doesn't this photo of Sam look like a "Flower Power" guy?

He's engrossed and entranced, a sign to me of a musician at one with the music. No wonder he's so good. 

(*) The Kiszka brothers' father, affectionately known as "Papa Kiszka", an accomplished harmonica player, joins the band for a rendition of the Door's Maggie M'Gill, followed by a bitchin' cover of Killing Floor, a Howlin' Wolf classic. Here's the video:

(*) One of the things I love about Greta Van Fleet is that all the band members, including Danny Wagner, love and respect their parents and they aren't afraid to say it and show it.

(*) Just one example from this video, read Sam's lips when he hugs his father after they conclude the song. He says something like, "Good job Pops." So sweet. 

Kept their Dreams High and their Feet on the Ground

(*) Shari Peters' comment to the Rockin Rick Belanger version sums it up so well:

"Two excellent blues songs with some wicked guitars and Harmonica jamming. How cool is it to have a dad recognize you have talent, nurture it, support it and then play on stage with them. Kudos to their parents for helping to keep their dreams high and their feet on the ground."

(*) Jake Kiszka seems to play with more verve and fervor at each successive show. I can't put it better than journalist Justin Trudell of, who reviewed Greta Van Fleet's 22 May 2018 Detroit show:

"Most impressive was lead guitarist, Jake Kiszka. His incredible energy, his guitar solos that we didn't want to end, his showmanship, his precision, his look, his joy, everything, it was just so perfect."

(*) When Sam is playing bass, he and Jake have started to approach each other on stage in a challenging/encouraging way. This interaction is not only fun to watch, but it also seems to have a potentiating (enhancing) effect for the two brothers, i.e., they draw vitality and inspiration from each other.

Glorious Cover of John Denver's "The Music Is You"

(*) Josh Kiszka's vocals are always amazing, but you've got to check out his stellar vocal introduction to You're The One - he sings John Denver's marvelous tune, "The Music Is You". He demonstrates his vocal range and the sublime beauty of his voice on this one! 

(*) Here are the lyrics to "The Music Is You":

Music makes pictures and often tells stories
All of it magic and all of it true
And all of the pictures and all of the stories
All of the magic, the music is you

Music makes pictures and often tells stories
All of it magic and all of it true
And all of the pictures and all of the stories
And all of the magic, the music is you

(*) Quote from a recent (25 May 2018) interview with the band by Edward Pevos of (Michigan Live):

Jake: "We'll go on the bus and play like John Denver all day."

Josh: "I love John Denver!"

The quote is at 16:42. Keep watching and at 17:43, when Mr. Pevos asks, "Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?", Josh replies, "The Music is You." And I think he really means that. 

"Get You Down" | 23 Jun 2017 | Route 20 Music & Restaurant, Sturtevant, WI

Guy dancing boogie woogie style.

Why is "Get You Down" such a devilishly good video?

  • It's a groovy, danceable, fun song.
  • The videographer got a great spot to record - right up front with a full view of the band - and he or she did a great job holding the recording device steady and on point. You feel like you're right up front.

  • The band members are really into the song:

  • Danny bangs those drums like there's no tomorrow and establishes a potent, pulsating rhythm;

  • Sam jams on the bass, complementing and reinforcing Dan's percussive beat, and we love Sam's physical energy and enthusiasm;

  • Jake's lead guitar blazes as always and his choral duets with Josh are a nice touch;
  • Josh sports a hot sequined shirt that reflects his ebullience, and who can not like how he boogies during this performance? ;-)

  • According to Collins English Dictionary, 'boogie' probably originates from African-American slang, perhaps from Kongo mbugi, "devilishly good".

  • Note that the only downside to the video is that it ends abruptly as the song is ending.

(Clipart by AsaiFactory

Checkout our Best Greta Van Fleet Videos Playlist on YouTube!

"Roadhouse Blues" / "Highway Tune" / "Safari Song" | 12 Jan 2018

Why is this one of the best Greta Van Fleet videos? Let us count the ways...

  1. The band plays to a hometown audience in Frankenmuth, Michigan! Listen to how many folks in the audience know all the words to the songs. ;-)

  2. The band covers the Doors' Roadhouse Blues with Papa Kiszka on the harmonica!

  3. In the middle of Highway Tune, a smoldering fire within lead guitarist Jake Kiszka sparks, leaps, and blazes forth for over 6 minutes of blistering, bluesy, scintillating sound. (13:20 to the end of the song).

    Sammy Kiszka's bass line lays down a warm, firm foundation, and Danny Wagner functions as both counterpoise and rhythmic support at various points during Jake's jam.

    ¡Es una actuación fantástica!

  4. Josh Kiszka sounds almost like Jim Morrison on Roadhouse Blues in the beginning. It's uncanny.
  5. Danny Wagner bangs out a killer drum solo near the end of Safari (at 23:51).

"Edge Of Darkness"" | Live From Lincoln Hall | 30 Nov 2017

Why is this performance one of the best Greta Van Fleet videos?

  • Filmed and recorded by the pros at Audiotree and their Live at Lincoln Hall productions!

  • Sam's poncho! (He plays great as always too... :O)

  • ¡El solo de guitarra increíble y ardiente de Jake!

    Le solo de guitare incroyable et éclatant de Jake!

    Jake's geweldige, vlammende gitaarsolo!

    Jake's amazing, blazing guitar solo!

    (It's so good we had to say it four times! :O)

  • Jake plays behind his head no less!

  • The guys work together so well on this tune and in this performance. Danny and Sam provide a pulsating, complementary rhythm to Jake's guitar solo, and, in particular, Danny's equipotent drumming intensifies Jake's soaring guitar sound.

  • Oh, but wait, there's this live performance of Edge of Darkness too. It's so good we have to include it as one of the best Greta Van Fleet videos.

"Lover Leaver Taker Believer" | 13 Apr 2018 | Coachella

[Removed from YouTube]

Unfortunately this superb performance was removed from YouTube for unknown reasons. In the hope that it will return, here is what we said about this Greta Van Fleet performance of Lover, Leaver, Taker, Believer:

It's so hard to choose one performance as the best Greta Van Fleet video, but this recent absolutely superb, rockin, tight, potent performance at Coachella is our current choice for #1.

We love how Josh and Jake work together in the great tradition of extended blues-based, hard rock live songs. (Jake's slide guitar work and blues picking sound fantastic too.)

Sure, it's reminiscent of Page and Plant's dueling vocals and guitar riffs, but you gotta give it to the Kiszka brothers because even though we are huge Zeppelin fans, we love the connection and vibe between Josh and Jake so much--and they do not "just copy Zeppelin"--that we actually prefer how the Kiszka brothers do it.

Sam Kiszka on bass and Danny Wagner pounding out powerful percussion deserve equal credit for this soulful rendition of "Lover, Leaver, Taker, Believer". 

And the Coachella 2018 recording professionals did an outstanding job filming this show.

If they could have just gotten rid of that darn plastic palm tree. ;^)

What do YouTube
Commenters Say about this Video?

YouTube comments have gained notoriety for their inane, juvenile, and often hateful verbiage. But in the case of this Greta Van Fleet video, several perceptive, insightful, and witty comments have floated to the top (received a large number of 'thumbs up' votes) and give good reasons for why this is one of the best Greta Van Fleet videos.

Here are some of the best YouTube comments posted in response to this video. We've even given commenters "prizes" for their contributions! ;-]

Proper Perspective Prize:

sarah (15 Apr 2018) - "The band really needs time to grow...hell even Zepp back around '68-'69 were covering a lot of blues songs back then and then developed their own sound in the '70s. I'm sure they will craft their sound a little more and with studio work they will learn to make albums and EP's without sounding like Led Zeppelin. C'mon no need to give them crap. It's kinda refreshing to see a blues oriented rock group these days."

Tim Sivils (17 Apr 2018) - "This is a good band. There are old souls. Sounds like they have been around for twenty years. They can really play."

Young Wisdom Award:

James Maple (15 Apr 2018) - "I don't mean to be yet another one of those cringy 'I was born into the wrong generation' kids on youtube (am 17) but holy crap I wish more modern music took the form of traditional rock."

Perspicacity Prize:1

Christina Wood (16 Apr 2018) - "Holy smokes!! Big thanks to the camera man here! I will be back to watch this again and again...and again. This had to be the best band at Coachella!!! Love them! This is the best version I've heard of this song so far. What a treat this audience got."

Thomas Gaines (16 Apr 2018) - "The drummer is tight, the whole group sounds great."

Jackson Roemers (20 Apr 2018) - "That Guitar work from about 4:30 to about 5:30 was superb."

Girls are Great!

The Wall Street Journal quoted Lava Records founder Jason Flom:

"Greta Van Fleet could appeal to three key demographics ... and (3) young women who, in the past, have helped mainstream rock bands become pop stars."

Here are two delightful young women talking about the band and exemplifying the enthusiasm and ardor that Flom highlighted.

Bethany Jane (15 Apr 2018) - "I’m 22 and ever since I was a kid my dad got me into, led zeppelin, rush, pink floyd etc so I’m glad there’s a current band, my age, with decent rock music ☺️ I also have the biggest crush on Josh  ."

rock n roll groupie (15 Apr 2018) - [To: Bethany Jane] "I have the biggest crush on Sam!"

Bethany Jane - (15 Apr 2018) [To: rock n roll groupie] "I usually prefer guys with long hair but there’s something about Josh and his personality, they’re all adorable though ☺️"

rock n roll groupie (15 Apr 2018) - [To: Bethany Jane] "Ur so right Beth! And I immediately fell in love with their music! "

Bethany Jane - (15 Apr 2018) [To: rock n roll groupie] "me too, my dad loves their music as well."

Wonderful Wit Winner:

In response to caustic comments accusing Josh Kiszka of "copying" Robert Plant ...

TheStones1965 (20 Apr 2018) - "So if you’re 19 and find out you sound like Robert Plant do you start a band and tour the US or go work at Burger King because some people will say your sound is not original?"

United States two cent coin (1864)Two-cent piece (1864). Photo: Lost Dutchman Rare Coins. License: CC BY-SA 3.0 US.

Our Two Cents

In response to a comment critical of "Zep fanboys" and "Zepheads" for criticizing Greta Van Fleet, we (well, one of us) replied:

G. van Fleet (22 Apr 2018) - I was blown away by "Whole Lotta Love" when in 1970 my father (a jazz drummer who thought Bonham was incredible) played Led Zeppelin II as loud as his Bose speakers could go.

By 1973 I was a fervent Zep fanboy, and I've been a Zephead ever since. I actually find that most Led Zeppelin devotees appreciate Greta Van Fleet's music.

Most of the haters are angry young men who spend a lot of time on YouTube spewing vitriol about this, that, and everything to make themselves feel superior.

These guys (Greta Van Fleet) are indeed the real thing and this performance of "Lover, Leaver, Taker, Believer" demonstrates their talent and expertise.

Oxғᴏʀᴅ Eɴɢʟɪsʜ Dɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴᴀʀʏ (3rd ed. 2005), ("perspicacityn. 1. Clearness of understanding or insight; great mental penetration; discernment.")
2. Oxғᴏʀᴅ Eɴɢʟɪsʜ Dɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴᴀʀʏ (2nd ed. 1989), ("witn. ... 8.a. That quality of speech or writing which consists in the apt association of thought and expression, calculated to surprise and delight by its unexpectedness....").

Greta Van Fleet - Full Show Video - New York, 2017

The audio quality on this video is not great, but it's good. For fans of Sam Kiszka, you can really hear his bass guitar playing on this one. Here are six reasons this is one of the best Greta Van Fleet videos:

1) A super audience--they sing along with almost every song! And this is New York City, not Michigan, which demonstrates how popular the band is becoming. :O)

2) Danny Wagner plays on a different drum kit than usual, but he handles the change with aplomb and plays superbly.

3) Danny needs to make some drum adjustments in the beginning so there was a delay kicking off the show. Josh Kiszka, who exudes relaxed confidence, banters with the crowd in a fun, down-to-earth, and humorous way.

4) Josh also honors the other band members, particularly his twin brother Jake, when he exits the stage after his vocal part for Edge of Darkness. His absence shines more of the spotlight on his bandmates, especially on Jake during his blistering guitar solo.

5) Speaking of that exceptional guitar playing, look for Jake's big smile at the end of his solo. He's usually a modest fellow, so it's nice to see him reflect the joy he felt as the audience clapped and shouted their praise loudly and enthusiastically.

6) "We wrote this song as a dedication to Tom Petty who passed recently." The song is Watching Over--it's a plaintive, beautiful song, and a heartfelt, classy tribute to one of the best rock musicians and singer-songwriters ever, Mr. Tom Petty. 

Tom PettyPhoto of Tom Petty by musicisentropy, via Wikimedia Commons. License: CC BY-SA 2.0.

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