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Wikipedia Plans to Delete Josh Kiszka Article

I don't like reporting unpleasant Greta Van Fleet news, but in this instance you can do something about it. 

Here is how the top of the Wikipedia article about Josh Kiszka looks today:

And here is a close-up of the deletion notice:

Close-up of deletion notice

Important Facts about Wikipedia

Why would Wikipedia delete its article about Josh Kiszka? I will explain, but first here are a few important facts you should know:

* Wikipedia is not a big impersonal corporation trying to make money online. Wikipedia is:

... a free encyclopedia, written collaboratively by the people who use it. It is a special type of website designed to make collaboration easy, called a wiki. ... For a more detailed account of the project, see About Wikipedia.

* Wikipedia editors (the people who volunteer to create and improve articles) do not get paid and many of them devote hundreds or thousands of hours per year toward writing good encyclopedia articles about innumerable subjects.

* The Wikipedia community does not tolerate people with an agenda, such as:

  • Companies secretly trying to promote their brand or products on the site, or
  • People with an axe to grind against someone (e.g., President Trump, Justin Bieber, or Kanye West), or about a controversial topic (e.g., abortion, gun control, or racism).

* Naturally, Wikipedia is not perfect and you will sometimes encounter snarky editors who will blast you for a beginner's mistake. 

  • These uncommon curmudgeons have forgotten one of Wikipedia's foundational principles, "Wikipedia's editors should treat each other with respect and civility."

* Wikipedia volunteer editors have developed policies and procedures designed to facilitate the creation of high-quality encyclopedia articles available free to anyone with Internet access.

* According to both Alexa and SimilarWeb, Wikipedia ranks #5 out of the 180,998,238 active websites worldwide, which means that Wikipedia receives more traffic than 99.99999% of all active sites.

Okay, that's all good but WHY is Wikipedia Going to Delete its Josh Kiska Article?

Because an article about Josh Kiszka does not meet Wikipedia's notability guideline for biographies."

More specifically, "Mr. Kiszka doesn't have notability on his own outside of the band Greta van Fleet and these sources don't substantiate his own notability."

The second quote is from the editor who proposed deleting the article. When he or she refers to "these sources" they mean the citations (references) currently provided in the article.

I initially objected to the proposed removal, but after discussing the proposal with the other editor and reviewing the "notability guideline for biographies", I realized that he or she iscorrect to propose deletion.

This is one of the big reasons in my list of 7 ways you can support the band, I listed as #6: Help Improve Wikipedia Articles about Greta Van Fleet.

I explained that when people search for:

* "Greta Van Fleet"

* "Danny Wager"

* "Sam Kiszka"

* "Jake Kiszka" or

* "Josh Kiszka"

on any major search engine, Wikipedia is usually the second or third result. In addition, both Google and Bing pull from Wikipedia articles for their information boxes that appear with many search results.

Consequently, tens of thousands of people searching for information about Greta Van Fleet or its individual members will click through to the Wikipedia article. 

You can make a difference! Draw on your expertise about the band and your writing skills to improve Wikipedia articles about the band and its members.

It's probably too late to prevent the Josh Kiszka article from being deleted, but if enough people jump on board as Wikipedia volunteer editors, we can write a good draft article that will meet the notability and citation requirements. 

==> Please make sure you understand Wikipedia policies and procedures before you edit an article!

Wikipedia Resources, Training, Policies, & Procedures for New Editors

Wikipedia: Getting started

• A tutorial 

• Five pillars 

• Edit a page 

• Upload and use images 

• Intuitive guide to Wikipedia

Wikipedia: Getting help

• Frequently asked questions

• The Teahouse is a friendly space for new editors.

• Where to ask questions or make comments

• Help desk

• Help directory

Wikipedia: Policies and guidelines

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• No original research 

• Verifiability 

• Reliable sources 

• Citing sources 

• What Wikipedia is not 

• Biographies of living persons

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