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Feedback for Greta Van Fleet: Suggestions

We offer three ways for you to offer feedback for Greta Van Fleet:

1) Suggestions

2) Questions

3) Praise

This page gives you the opportunity to offer suggestions to the band members and management.

We have another page where you can post questions for Greta Van Fleet.

(We will soon add a page for you to offer praise for the band ("What I love about GVF.")

Why Suggestions?

It is hard to see ourselves. And for an exceptionally busy, touring continuously, in-the-spotlight rock band like Greta Van Fleet, it can be even harder.

Therefore, constructivepositiveheartfelt suggestions from fans can help a great band like GVF fine-tune their performances, studio releases, public image, etc.

You may see something that could be improved which the band does not see. Just a little thing probably, but every little bit makes a difference. 

A term in the business world, continuous quality improvement (CQI), conveys the primary goal. In business and organizations, CQI is a fairly complex concept and practice. For our purposes we focus on two basic--but important--elements:

==> Continuously ask what can be done better. Don't settle for "it's good enough now."

==> Customer satisfaction is paramount. Communicate regularly with customers to ensure they are thrilled with your product. (In this case the "product" is music and all that goes with it.)

Internal Customer Satisfaction?

Note that organizations talk about "internal" customer satisfaction, usually referring to employee satisfaction. In our context, we want happy band members!

Obviously, each person is responsible for their life path, so we not talking about dictating to Danny, Sam, Jake, & Josh. They wouldn't listen to such imperious commands anyway!

The point is that band members' health and well-being is crucial. Thus, we keep that principle in mind when offering suggestions. For example, "You guys should tour 365 days a year so we can see you more often!" might be great for fans, but it would be disastrous for the band! (Which means that in the long run it would be bad for fans too.)

We will offer a couple of suggestions to get the ball rolling, but then we'll turn it over to you. Or, if you know what you want to suggest to the band, go to the form now. :^)

Suggestions for Greta Van Fleet: Introduce the Band Members

Most of you already know the names of each Greta Van Fleet band member, which instrument(s) they play, and even more!

But newcomers who watch a Greta Van Fleet video on YouTube or Twitter, or who see the band in concert, might not know much about the band at all.

Familiarity with individual band members facilitates a sense of connection and belonging, which increases band loyalty and sustained interest. \

So, we humbly suggest that Josh Kiszka, since he is the frontman, introduce band members at some point during a show, like this:

Suggestions for Greta Van Fleet: Highlight Spectacular Performances

This suggestion is mainly for Josh since he's the frontman for the band.

And since we focus on Josh, let us emphasize that we believe the feeling is there, we simply think it would help to express it.

In other words, you can tell watching the band that Josh respects and admires his brothers and dynamo drummer Danny Wagner. 

With that proviso, here is our feedback for Greta Van Fleet:

When Danny bangs out that killer solo at the end of "Safari"...

When Sam plays the keyboards with dexterity, producing beautiful music on "You're the One"...

When Jake pours his heart out in that spectacular guitar solo in "Edge of Darkness"...

Highlight their performance--like Robert Plant does at the end of "Moby Dick", gesturing in Bonzo's direction: "John Bonham! John Henry Bonham!"

You guys are awesome! Our suggestion is just a bit of fine-tuning for our favorite contemporary rock band. :o)

Oh, and for Danny, Sam, & Jake - when Josh is on fire, one of you step out and gesture toward him, shouting out something like, "Josh Kiszka! Now is that a powerful rock vocalist or what? Josh Kiszka, ladies and gentleman!"

Note: The Creative Commons license for Cynthia-Blair's excellent drawing of John Bonham is CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. Please do not save or copy the drawing without first clicking that link for details about the license.


What do you want to suggest to Greta Van Fleet?

It's hard to see ourselves clearly and completely.

Therefore, a friendly suggestion from a friend, e.g., changing our hair style, can make a positive difference in our lives.

Great bands like GVF are no different. They are superb musicians who put on an incredible show, so we are talking about fine-tuning here.

Therefore, if you see something that the band might not see--something they can do differently, something they can add, or something they can take out of their repertoire, now's your chance!

We cannot guarantee band members will read your suggestion, but we work hard to get our site out there, and you can help by posting a link to your suggestion on social media.

Plus, everyone is curious about what others think about them. So we bet band members will check out your suggestion. :-)

Most of you will do this anyway, but just to make sure, your suggestion should be:

* reasonably well-written - it doesn't have to be perfect, just easy to understand

* polite and civil (no vulgar language - keep it PG-13)

* genuine, sincere, and helpful (stupid suggestions will simply be deleted)

Thank you!

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