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Greta Van Fleet News

Recent Greta Van Fleet News

4 Aug 2018 - Music Charts USA for Greta Van Fleet - Updated regularly; features record charts from:

  • Amazon Music (digital sales; CD & vinyl sales)
  • Billboard (combined)
  • iTunes (digital sales)
  • #RedMusic (YouTube plays)
  • Spotify (streaming)


27 July 2018 - Greta Van Fleet Popularity Surges - New high for Google searches; new single enters the charts; EP released 8 months ago still selling strong! [Read more...]

Detroit Music Awards - 3 Wins for Greta Van Fleet

Detroit Music Awards 2018 - logo2018 Detroit Music Awards

5 May 2018 - Greta Van Fleet News: Presented by the Detroit Music Awards Foundation, these awards--and the Foundation as a whole--seek to recognize Detroit area musicians working on a national, regional and local level. "Our purpose is also to support and nurture the musical community in the Detroit metropolitan area, and to create a network for musicians that cuts across genres and styles."

The Foundation honored Greta Van Fleet on 4 May 2018 with three awards:

Outstanding Video / Major Budget - “Highway Song”   

Outstanding National Single - “Highway Tune”

Outstanding National Major Label Recording - “From the Fires” (Republic)

Since the band is on tour, the mothers of the Kiszka brothers and Danny Wagner accepted the awards on their sons' behalf. The photo below was posted by the band in a tweet. HT: verflogvf for identifying the Moms. ;-)

Lory Wagner and Karen Kiszka accepting Detroit Music Awards on behalf of their sons.Lory Wagner (L) and Karen Kiszka (R) accepting Detroit Music Awards on behalf of their sons.

This isn't Greta Van Fleet news per se, but given that Greta plays blues-based rock, let's recognize one of the best contemporary blues singer songwriters, the Queen of Detroit Blues!

Also at the 2018 Detroit Music Awards, blues singer and song-writer Thornetta Davis received six awards!

* Outstanding Blues Artist/Group

* Outstanding Blues Songwriter

* Outstanding Blues Vocalist

* Outstanding Video/Limited Budget for “I Believe (Everything Gonna Be Alright)”

* Outstanding Urban Songwriter

* Outstanding Urban Vocalist

I encourage Greta Van Fleet fans to check out this rockin blues lady, Detroit's Queen of the Blues! She is excellent!

Purchase her latest album, Honest Woman - awesome contemporary blues!

IHeartRadio Music Festival - Daytime Stage - Las Vegas - 22 Sep 2018

2 May 2018 - Greta Van Fleet News: The band will rock the iHeartRadio Daytime Stage (outdoors) in Las Vegas, Nevada on 22 Sep 2018.

iHeartRadio announced the Daytime Stage lineup on 30 Apr 2018 with ticket sales commencing on 3 May 2018. 

Announcements for the show indicate that tickets may be purchased at the iHeartRadio website only. However, when you click the "BUY TICKETS" button the site transfers you over to Ticketmaster, and you can access tickets sales directly from within the Ticketmaster website. iHeartRadio presumably wants to track the click-through rate from their site to Ticketmaster.

The iHeartRadio website declares that "Early bird tickets start at $29 plus taxes and fees." This is a screen shot of that announcement:

iHeartRadio Music Festival Daytime Stage ticket information.

iHeartRadio Daytime Stage ticket price

The sales price is $29 plus service fees and tax, for a total of $51.41 + delivery.

These days that's not a bad price and is good Greta Van Fleet news for fans.

You can opt for 2-day UPS delivery for $11.76 or standard UPS for $6.00.

Note that if you use a PO Box for your billing address, you should order tickets by phone (800-745-3000) because the Ticketmaster website does not give you the option to enter a billing address and a shipping address. 

It is not clear when the "Early Bird" price of $29 will end.

Order tickets online from Ticketmaster.

Greta Fan Fleet News: Band Interviewed in "Long Live Rock" Film

30 Apr 2018 - Great Van Fleet News: Long Live Rock - Documentary film. It looks like a much-needed, fun, rockin film! 

Here's a quote from the filmmakers:

The documentary film LONG LIVE ROCK is a deep dive into what makes hard rock and metal fans tick.

We follow members of a mid-west crew who make it their lives' mission to drop everything and meet their rock 'family' wherever the show is. 

The viewer will get a front row seat into the phenomenons of moshing, crowd surfing and participating in the 'Wall of Death'. 

We will hear from some of the top names in rock including members of Metallica, Papa Roach, The Offspring and Primus just to name a few of why they have dedicated their lives to this music and what the fans mean to them.

Greta Van Fleet News: Watch the Interview

Watch the 5-minute Long Live Rock trailer (scroll down the page just a little for the trailer) and look for Jake & Josh Kiszka at the 02:11 mark.

The fact that the filmmakers interviewed Greta Van Fleet speaks to the popularity and respect the band has earned among fans and music professionals.

Here's some more info about the film from the source:

Long Live Rock delves into the fandom of this often misunderstood but beloved genre of music. The artists share why they've dedicated their lives to this music and discuss the unique and special relationship they have with their fans.

Long Live Rock also explores the inescapable dark side of this chosen lifestyle, chronicling such delicate topics as substance abuse, depression, loss of life and the unspoken truths that are unfortunately too commonplace in the rock ‘n roll world.

Viewers will get a front row seat of what makes make the hard rock fan want to crowd surf, lose their minds and mix it up in the mosh pit or just throw all caution to the wind and participate in the ultimate community mayhem, the 'Wall of Death'.

We follow some of these passionate fans as they drop everything to 'commune' with their 'rock family' at festivals such as Rock on The RangeLouder Than Life, and Aftershock or wherever the road takes them to celebrate the chaos…that is rock ‘n roll.

LONG LIVE ROCK Merchandise Bundles

You can also purchase some creative merch packages. The $10 Access Pass enables you to download the film's soundtrack when released as well as receiving bonus film footage.

Here is a look at some of the other packages:

: Anthony Capobianco of Boston radio station WAAF ("The only station that really rocks!) who wrote an article about Long Live Rock, published on 23 Apr 2018.

Greta Van Fleet News - Archived stories

Greta Van Fleet News - Archives

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