Greta Van Fleet Popularity Surges!

United States - 12 Months - Continuously Updated

Worldwide - 12 Months - Continuously Updated

The Saturday Night Live Effect

26 Jul 2018 - Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon appearance (Jul 2228, 2018) = "20"

19 Oct 2018Anthem of a Peaceful Army released (Oct 2127, 2018) = "35"

19 Jan 2019 - Saturday Night Live appearance (Jan 20–26, 2019) = "100"

That's a dramatic increase in the number of people searching Google to learn more about Greta Van Fleet.

(For more information about how Google calculates these numbers, please see: How trends data is adjusted.)

Top 5 Countries based on Google Searches

The chart below shows which countries display the most interest in Greta Van Fleet based on Google searches over the past 12 months (continuously updated).

For display options, look for these icons down to the right (below the map):

Click on the lines for a text listing of countries; click on the dots to switch from countries to cities. 

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United States - 28 Apr 2017 to 8 Feb 2019

Greta Van Fleet first shows up on Google Trends during the last week of April, 2017. The chart below shows the trend for the United States from 28 Apr 2017 to 8 Feb 2019.

Music Chart Positions - Greta Van Fleet

Another measure of Greta Van Fleet's popularity is when people spend their hard-earned cash to buy the band's albums in CD, Vinyl, or Digital formats or via streaming. 

==> See updated Music Charts USA for Greta Van Fleet.


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