Greta Van Fleet Popularity Surges!

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Greta Van Fleet Popularity - Highlights

* Based on Amazon album sales (digital + CD + vinyl) from 1 Jan 2018 to date, From the Fires is not only in the Top 100 Album Sales--of all genres--it's #6!

* In the United States, during the week of July 14–21, the band hit a new high in Google searches, and during the following week (July 22–29, 2018), even more people searched Google for "greta van fleet"!

This data is from Google Trends which is a reliable measure of interest, curiosity, and popularity.

* On Billboards' Emerging Artists chart, Greta Van Fleet leaped from #16 to #5! And they've been on the Emerging Artists chart for almost one year.

* Greta Van Fleet's new single, When the Curtain Falls, exploded onto the Rock scene entering high on multiple charts:

Amazon: #10 for Rock song digital sales

Billboard: #11 for Rock song digital sales

Spotify: #14 for streaming (all genres)

YouTube: On 30 July 2018 When the Curtain Falls surpassed one million views!

30 July 2018 - UPDATE: Boom! Greta Van Fleet's popularity soared again! During the week of July 22–29, 2018, even more people in the U.S. searched for "greta van fleet" on Google. 

When I first wrote this section—only 3 days ago—the band's April 2018 peak was "92", and the week of July 14–21 had become "100" on the Google Trends graph.

But as the data rolled into the Google brain, the line kept shooting up. So as of 30 July 2018:

April 1–7, 2018 peak = "75"

July 14–21, 2018 peak = "82"

July 22–29, 2018 peak = "100"

That's a dramatic increase in the number of people searching Google to learn more about Greta Van Fleet.

(For more information about how Google calculates these numbers, please see: How trends data is adjusted.)

Music Chart Positions - Greta Van Fleet

==> See updated Music Charts USA for Greta Van Fleet.

Another Google Trends Graph and a Quiz Question...

This graph (above) shows the number of "greta van fleet" searches on Google for the week of July 22-29 with a volcanic burst of interest around 22:00 (10:00 PM) on Thursday, 26 July 2018. 

Why would interest in the band have soared at that particular time on that particular day? 

The first person to answer that question correctly (send your answer via our Contact page) can choose one of these three prizes (below). It's your choice out of the three possibilities. 

You must be age 16 or older to submit an answer and win the prize. 

We have a winner! A few hours after this web page was added to,  lukezhoard from Kentucky submitted the correct answer

"The Google searches spiked because they performed on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

Right on!

I have never seen such a large spike in a short amount of time on Google Trends. Clearly the band's appearance on the show created a lot of interest! 

Winner Will Choose One of these Prizes...

Black Smoke Rising - Vinyl Record

1. Highway Tune
2. Safari Song
3. Flower Power
4. Black Smoke Rising


Greta Van Fleet Poster Concert Promo 11 x 17

"This poster is a true MasterPrint. A MasterPrint is a super high resolution print taken directly from the original MasterFile.

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I included the Billboard chart data in the table earlier on this web page, but since there are a lot of details, here are the Billboard charts by themselves.


billboard - rock songs - week of 28 july 2018

When the Curtain Falls #21 New

When the Curtain Falls #33 New

When the Curtain Falls #11 New

When the Curtain Falls #28 New

From The Fires #41
Last week: 46
Peak: 4
Weeks on Chart: 36

From the Fires #14
Last Week: #15
Peak: #1
Weeks on Chart: 36

Greta Van Fleet #5
Last Week: #16
Peak: #3
Weeks on Chart: 49


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