More Greta Van Fleet Searches

There have been more Greta Van Fleet Searches on Google than Searches for 4 other Excellent Hard Rock Bands

On a whim, we decided to compare four of our favorite hard rock bands with Greta Van Fleet using Google Trends. The four bands are:

  1. Buckcherry
  2. In This Moment
  3. Rage Against the Machine
  4. Rise Against

We love to listen to these four bands.

One could argue that Rage Against the Machine is not "contemporary" given their origins in the beginning of the 1990s. But we thought maybe we should include a "tough to beat" band in the comparison, so we left Rage in the Trends analysis.

Naturally, the four bands we chose were not selected via some sort of scientific sampling technique or the like. This is not a rigorous empirical study; it's simply something we were curious about and wanted to share.

For this Trends analysis, we chose the following parameters: Web searches in the United States during the previous five years

We were surprised by the results:

The next comparison compared the bands over the past 12 months (instead of five years). Note that in the chart below, Greta Van Fleet is green.

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