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Feedback for Greta Van Fleet: Suggestions

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This page gives you the opportunity to offer suggestions to the band members and management.

We also have pages where you can:

(1) Ask Greta Van Fleet a question!

(2) Tell Greta Van Fleet what you love about them! 

The page you are on now is for giving the band suggestions. 

Why Suggestions?

It is hard to see ourselves.

And for an exceptionally busy, touring continuously, in-the-spotlight rock band like Greta Van Fleet, it can be even harder.

Therefore, constructivepositiveheartfelt suggestions from fans can help a great band like GVF fine-tune their performances, studio releases, public image, etc.

You may see something that could be improved which the band does not see. Just a little thing probably, but every little bit makes a difference. 

We will offer a couple of suggestions to get the ball rolling, but then we'll turn it over to you. Or, if you know what you want to suggest to the band, go to the form now.

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Suggestions for Greta Van Fleet: Introduce the Band Members

Most of you already know the names of each Greta Van Fleet band member, which instrument(s) they play, and even more!

But newcomers who watch a Greta Van Fleet video on YouTube or Twitter, or who see the band in concert, might not know much about the band at all.

Familiarity with individual band members facilitates a sense of connection and belonging, which increases band loyalty and sustained interest.

So, we humbly suggest that Josh Kiszka, since he is the frontman, introduce band members at some point during a show, like this:


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