We Do Not Make a Profit with this Website

"Why not?!" you might ask, i.e., why not make a profit with this site? 

Fan sites for bands often present problems for the band, its record label, producers, etc. Problems such as these:

  1. If we allow Ralph Rainmaker to host a money-making fan site, then we have to let anyone build a site and make some cash off the band's popularity. (No offense intended toward Ralph ... whoever he is. ;-)

  2. It is not fair to the band for other people to make money off their hard work. It's hard enough for rock bands these days to make a living, the last thing they need is other people siphoning off potential profit.[a]

  3. Some fan sites hurt the band's image, e.g., with trashy designs, vulgar talk, bad advice, etc.

a. Yes, some people "make money off the band", e.g., manager, record label, producers, tour promoters, etc. But the band has contracts with these individual—who all provide a vital service—so the band decides on the terms.

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Do You Secretly Make a Profit?


The primary money-making methods for websites are adverts (as our British friends would say), and affiliate links.

We have a few affiliate links, and a couple of image ads that contain affiliate links, all of which are identified, which is way more than most websites do.

The identification looks like this: (affiliate link [?]). The question mark links to this page (the web page you are on right now), in case a visitor does not know what an affiliate link is.

Any affiliate commissions we receive help pay for the site.

We even post an accounting of how much we've spent on the website minus any affiliate commissions received.

Currently our net income is − $274.90 (see below for the details).

One way a company can market its products online is via an affiliate program. It is one method for driving traffic (visitors) to a website.

An individual or business with a blog or website can earn a commission by recommending one of the company's products. The individual first joins the company's affiliate program.

If a website visitor is interested in the recommended product and they want to learn more, and perhaps purchase the product, they click on a link to the company's website.

But how would the company know who recommended them?

This is where the affiliate link comes in. Each member of the company's affiliate program receives a specially designed URL which contains their username or a unique number which identifies them as the referral source.

For example, my affiliate link (URL) for SiteSell is:

https://www.sitesell.com/mdw.html (affiliate link [?])

I use SiteSell's Solo Build It! (affiliate link [?]) platform to create this website (GvanF.com). I've tried several website creation platforms, e.g., WordPress, but I always come back to SBI! because I receive much more bang for my buck with it. 

Since I have used SBI! for 14 years, I know it's good, so I feel confident recommending it to friends, colleagues, and website visitors. 

If you or any visitor to this website clicks on a link to a SiteSell website, and if you decide to purchase the SBI! website creation platform, I earn a commission (the amount varies depending on whether a person pays monthly or annually). 

The price you (or another visitor) pays is the same, whether you click on my affiliate link or not.

For example, if you want SiteSell to receive 100% of the amount you pay for SBI!, you simply remove my affiliate username, "mdw", from the URL and then copy-and-paste that non-affiliate link into your browser.

Thus, the non-affiliate link for SiteSell is:


If you use the non-affiliate link and decide to purchase the SBI! website creation platform, and you select the annual payment plan, it costs you $299.

If you click on my affiliate link and decide to purchase the SBI! website creation platform, and you select the annual payment plan, it costs you $299.



SiteSell (affiliate link [?]) - Website building tools, SEO analysis; keyword research; hosting; domain name registration, sitemap creation and submission; submit to search engines for efficient indexing; social media plugins; visitor statistics; "how do people find the site" analytics; website scanning for broken links, malformed HTML, etc.

$29.99 per month X 9 months = $269.91

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$4.99 per month X 1 month = $4.99


updated 7 Jan 2019


Affiliate Commissions

Dec 2018 = zed (zero)

Jan 2019 = nada (nothing)

TOTAL INCOME = zippo (none)

Net Income

− $274.90


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