We Do Not Make Money with this Website

"Why not?!" you might ask, i.e., why not make money with this site? 

Fan sites for bands often present problems for the band, its record label, producers, etc. Problems such as these:

  1. If we allow Ralph Rainmaker to host a money-making fan site, then we have to let anyone build a site and make some cash off the band's popularity. (No offense intended toward Ralph ... whoever he is. ;-)

  2. It is not fair to the band for other people to make money off their hard work. It's hard enough for rock bands these days to make a living, the last thing they need is other people siphoning off potential profit.[a]

  3. Some fan sites hurt the band's image, e.g., with trashy designs, vulgar talk, bad advice, etc.

a. Yes, some people "make money off the band", e.g., manager, record label, producers, tour promoters, etc. But the band has contracts with these individuals--who all provide a vital service--so the band decides on the terms, including fees paid for services.

Do You Secretly Make Money?


1) We are not that smart.

2) The primary money-making methods for websites are adverts (as our British friends would say), and affiliate links. As you can readily discern by looking through our site, we have neither. No ads. No affiliate links. Just news and information about Greta Van Fleet, all in an effort to support the band. It's that simple.

This is a no-ads site. Plus, none of the links on this website are affiliate links.

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